Christine grew up drawing and painting in Redlands, Ca. She wanted to be an animator or comic book illustrator until she tried painting with acrylics during high school.

At the age of 19 Christine painted her first large scale mural at the Frugal Frigate Childrens Bookstore in downtown Redlands. Local business owners passing by asked her if she would paint art on their buildings, shaping the beginning of her mural career.

Since then, Christine's mural clientele has included the Cities of Redlands and Riverside, The Armand Hammer Museum at UCLA, Loma Linda University, the San Bernardino Police Department, and many other businesses, schools and homes throughout Southern California.

In 2007 she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Otis College of Art + Design in Los Angeles. During classes and internships she worked with notable artists including Kent Twitchell, Peter Zokosky, and Suzanne Lacy. Christine assisted muralist Twitchell in the restoration of two of his large L.A. freeway murals. She also worked with an art conservator to help restore an Alfredo Ramos Martinez fresco mural in the Coronado Library near San Diego. These experiences made a great impact on the quality of Christine's murals and oil paintings.